Student Transition Action Networks (STANs)

Student Transition Action Networks leverage existing expertise and effort within communities to co-develop local opportunities for young people with disability to transition from school into meaningful and decent employment and education.

STANs draw together educators, services providers, community agencies, employers, young people with disability, and their families and supporters into an action-based network. Student Transition Action Networks match the strengths and aspirations of young people with disability with opportunities to explore education and employment pathways within their local area.

STAN members contribute and take collaborative action to:

  • Facilitate opportunities for young job seekers with disability to undertake job placements, work experience, volunteering, and mentoring opportunities in the local community
  • Identify local education, training, and employment opportunities for individual young people with disability through case conferencing
  • Explore braiding and sequencing of various funding streams to increase work experience, exploration, exposure, and employment
  • Embed an Advantaged Thinking approach in the work of the STAN to ensure all members are working alongside young people with disability, building motivation and agency through acknowledging and building their talents and aspirations
  • Develop and support community owned innovative approaches to addressing system issues to enable young people with disability to access education, training, and employment opportunities
  • Co-design, with young people with disability, activities and opportunities that equip them with the skills, experiences, and networks necessary to meet their employment aspirations
  • Engage the wider community in conversations that showcase young people with disability as positive contributors in their communities

STAN Active Sites

As part of the Inclusive Pathways to Employment pilot, there are currently Student Action Transition Networks active in:

  • Northern Adelaide, South Australia
  • Logan, Queensland
  • Gippsland, Victoria
  • Western Sydney, New South Wales
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Student Transition Action Networks are connected to the National Youth Employment Body’s ambition for an enduring national youth employment strategy that is relevant and directed by local communities. For more information on the National Youth Employment Body please visit