Inclusive Pathways to Employment Pilot

The Inclusive Pathways to Employment Pilot will deliver an evidence informed model of providing individualised support to young people with disability within the mainstream federally funded youth employment service ‘Transition to Work’. The Inclusive Pathways to Employment model is underpinned by Advantaged Thinking practice, customising employment practice and by evidence informed practice in education to employment transition for young people with disability. The model incorporates a collaborative way of working that harnesses the assets within local communities.

IPE ambition: Is to determine what it takes for mainstream youth employment services to work with young people with disability to pursue their interests, aspirations, and goals, and to be socially and economically included in their communities, regardless of individual challenges.

IPE Pilot Sites

IPE will be trialled across 4 communities in Australia, allowing us to fully interrogate “what works”, for “whom” and “in what context”

Gippsland, VIC


Northern Adelaide, SA


Western Sydney, NSW

Youth Employment Services


This project has the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Ian Potter Foundation

We thank them for supporting us to achieve our vision for better life outcomes for young people with disability, and a systemic change approach to make this happen.